Open April to November
1. Weekend Rate
A minimum rate of $138 + tax = $150.42, per room for a weekend stay. This is for a 2
day/night (Fri.-Sat., Sat.-Sun., Sun.-Mon.) or 1  day/night (Fri, Sat, Sun)  stay. For the 3rd and  
each additional day/night  $69.00 + tax = $75.21 will be added.   
Week Day Rate
The daily rate per room during the week (Mon. - Thur.) is $69.00 + tax = $75.21 per day/night.
One (1) day/night is considered
1:00 pm check-in to 11:00 am the next day check-out.  
Early arrival or late departure that has not been prearranged with the host will be charged as a
day/night stay.

2. Guests will provide a valid credit card number (Visa/MC) for reservations. However guests
may pay by other arranged means upon arrival. Cancellations prior to 48 hours of the reserved
day/night will not be charged.
Last Minute Cancellations and/or No Shows: less than 48 hours prior to reserved day/night,
will be charged one (1) day/night rate to the securing credit card.

3. Elk County Elk Farm B&B has 2 designated sleeping areas (bedrooms). The rates are for  only
two persons per room. Three (3) persons max ($10 extra per day for the third person) per the large
room, which has a queen size  and a twin size bed. Two (2) persons per the smaller room, which
has a queen size bed. Guests with extra persons will be required to rent both rooms. If the second
room is not available, or being rented by another unrelated guest the above room capacity is all that
we will accept. If both rooms are rented by the same party of people the rate will increase $10 per
extra person per day/night of stay.
Total capacity accepted:  8 persons of all ages.

We do not accept guests traveling with their pets.

5. We do not accept guests traveling with young children (age 12 and under).

6. We do not permit large quantities of alcohol, or any illegal substances to be consumed while
staying as our guest. This includes while on the property or returning from elsewhere
intoxicated. The guest will be asked to leave without a refund.

7. Any damage done to the Elk County Elk Farm B&B property will be charged to the guest’s
securing credit card at a fair market cost or replacement value.

8. Guests will be respectfully quiet (TV volume, loud talk, etc.) for other guests and hosts.

9. Guests will only park in the parking area designated by the hosts.

Guests will not:
- Remove, alter, use or consume any item that is not designated for their use. The       
guest’s securing credit card will be charged a fair market cost or replacement
value for the item(s).
- Enter or attempt to enter any of the livestock’s pastures.
- Feed the livestock any item, natural or other wise.
- Attempt to pet, handle or harass the livestock.
- Enter any out building or storage area other than the B&B facility.
- Wonder about, (walk) the property except in areas designated by the hosts.
- Smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes etc. in the B&B building. Smoking on the open  
deck is permitted.
- Use or burn any device or item (candle, lantern etc.) with an open flame within the  
B&B building or on its open deck.

Any guest that does not follow the above guidelines will be asked to leave
without a refund.
Elk County Elk Farm B&B's Rates and Guest Guidelines